Wednesday, June 14, 2017

This week...

This week has been kind of different for us. Ellie has been at   camp all week she leaves at 745 and gets home at 530. 
We have felt kind of sad and lonely without her. Annie keeps saying " can we go get Ellie now??" 
We have tried to do some fun things without Ellie here to make it a fun week for Annie too. 

We have done the zoo, finished up swimming lesson, gine out to eat for lunch, gone swimming, and painted rocks. 

Last night when Ellie got back we went to eat pizza and try out a new ice cream place downtown. It was a fun summer time thing to do. 

Going out to eat has been very challenging for us since henry has been born. We will go somewhere and sit and look at each other and say " why did we do this???" I feel like it is very slowly getting better but we aren't there yet... but last night was much better than I  had envisioned but still not enjoyable yet. 

Today we had planned to get out this morning but Henry took a long nap this morning. He was very busy... as you can see in the picture from his morning excursions 🙂

We stayed around the house all day and it was so nice. I cleaned up the house then me and Annie read a big pile of books then we went swimming and then took a long afternoon nap. 

Ellie has two more days of camp left then we will get our sweet big sister back 🙂

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Bye bye 1st grade


School was good but we are so happy that it is over and now we are in full swing summertime 😍
Ellie has learned and grown so much this school year. 
She had a great class and a wonderful teacher. It's hard to believe that it is over... 

Summertime so far...

We have already had lots of summertime fun in justnthe few weeks we have been out. 

We have been to the lake for Memorial Day...

Celebrated baby Cora...


Had swimming lessons at the y...


And after swimming lesson naps 💗


Been to the doctor for a well check up...
And back again for a sick visit...


Started gymnastics...


Went to Mississippi to visit Granny...



Been shopping....


Went on a hiking adventure...


Celebrating birthday parties...



Started camp...


Went to the zoo and splash pad with our small group friends...


Whew... and it's only the first of June... 

Friday, May 26, 2017


Hello Summertime...
How I have missed you 👙🦀☀️


So glad you are here...

9 months old

This sweet little chunk was nine months old yesterday!!
It is crazy to think he has been around that long. He makes our family so happy and really makes things much more exciting. The girls just adore him and love playing with him and taking care of him. 


I just cannot get enough of his sweet face and soft squishy cheeks. I really feel like if he would sit still enough I could kiss the  all day. That blonde hair and those sweet blue eyes just get me 😍


He loves to play and go and explore. He is WILD and is way different than the girls. He goes full speed. I wish I had 1/1678 of his energy. 


Here are some things we want to remember about you at 9 months old
- your sweet little voice. You have started really jabbering. Our family talks so much I figure you feel like you have to talk to fit in with us. You say mama and dads and it's just so sweet.
- your sweet baby rolls. I love your arms and legs and all the rolls they have. I love you suntan and how your "roll" stay white inside. 
- your white hair. I cannot believe you are so blonde. 
- all your teeth. You are working on the 7th one and they look so big and cute when you smile. 
- your fat little square feet. They are just perfect. 
-your sweet big open mouth kisses. I love them so much!
-your hair growing over your ears. It makes you look so big. I am still hoping and looking daily for a curl or two 

Henry you are the sweetest little boy. You have stolen our hearts and we just adore you. 

Bye bye 3k

My sweet Annie girl had her last day of 3k yesterday. 
She is getting so big and I am so proud to be her mommy. 
I cannot believe that she only has one more year until Kindergarten!!!


She is so excited about the summer time and sang all day yesterday " Libe it up for the Summer!!"" Haha 😀

She had a great year with Ms Karen. She made some sweet little friends and learned lot too. 


We went last night to have a pedicure to celebrate 🎉 


Tuesday, May 23, 2017

This weekend.

We had a busy weekend. It seems like all weekends have been busy. No matter how much or little we have planned it is always busy and always goes by fast. 

Saturday morning we went to pepper place. This was our first time going this summer and it was lots of fun and we came home with lots of yummy stuff.

Melissa watched Henry while we did some stuff in the yard. The house next hers is being worked on. They had a little machine out moving dirt and Henry was mesmerized with this. He just stared and watched. 

We put up a stock tank pool this week and the girls have loved playing in there. Henry likes it too but only for short amounts of time. 


We had a birthday at the splash pad. It was Henry's first time there. He was wild. I'm sure we will go back this summer but I will have to prepare myself. 


We had a wedding Saturday night. It was raining and yucky out but the wedding was sweet and the girls had fun watching the wedding, eating and dancing.


Sunday we had church and small group. 
During church I sat outside with Henry because he wasn't sitting still. He was crawling around and I got a few pictures of him and remembered these of Annie when she was around his age.