Friday, August 18, 2017

the countdown

The countdown is on....

only 7 more days until 
this little sweet face turns ONE!!!

We are ready....

we are ready for the big event on Monday...are you?!?!

I've lost count of how many times I have explained what the eclipse is and why we need to protect our eyes...and we still have two and a half more days left.

hopefully this will be a fun exciting event that we will remember for a long time

Back to School

Its sad to report but school has started back around here...
Honestly I am probably the one who is sad...the girls are loving school which is a good thing I suppose.

We got our teacher letters and Annie was thrilled to have Ms Katie and be a bluebird this year just like Ellie was in 4k

Ellie was super excited about getting Ms Johnson. Although it was not the teacher she was hoping for it has been really great so far so I am hoping it stays like this.

we had our "normal" back to school pancakes with whip cream and sprinkles and fruit. sounds like a great way to start school...right??

Its hard to believe that these kiddos are growing like they are but they are. Sometimes I feel like all I can do is hold on tight and watch them!!!

we are hoping this school year will be great!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

11 months

The end of July this sweet boy of mine turned 11 months old. Unbelievable... I know.  There are so many things about him I love and don't want to ever change but at the same time the idea of him growing and changing is exciting too. 

He is way different than the girls. Much more WILD and LOUD. He is very rough and pretty tough too. He loves attention and when he thinks you are laughing at him he squints up his nose and laughs. 

He love finding littlest think and playing with them and sticking them in his mouth. He also loves biting and has bit all of us pretty hard. 
 He also loves putting the tops on and off things. And opening and closing doors and cabinet doors.
He is constantly talking. . He says some things we understands. He says mama, dada, eya (Ellie), Annie, dog, bye bye and has started to say no. He has heard no ALOT and starts shaking his hand back and forth and shaking his head and says "no,no" 😂 Q

He adores his sisters and wants to be with them most all of the time. They are sweet to him most of the time. Ellie takes the best care of him and it really is so sweet to watch. He loves for her to carry him around. 
He is waking all over the place. He is pretty good at it. He got new shoes and is very good at walking with them. 

Here are some things we want to remember about you at 11 months 
- your sweet soft white hair. Your. Any hair is sweeter and softer than I ever remember baby hair being
- yor deep raspy voice. It sounds just like a little boy.
- how happy you are to see your daddy when he gets home from work. It's makes both yalls day
- how you love to ride in your little car. You steer like you are really driving.
- how you talk like you are just giving us an earful then look at us like you are wondering why we do t understand. 
- how you love to be outside and explore. I think you would stay out there all day if I let you.

Only 1 more month until you are 1!!!
You are so sweet and I love you so 💙

Back to school shopping

As much as I hate the idea of back do school I do love the idea of back to school shopping... and we did a little of this last week.

We also did some shoe shopping for this boy since he is walking now he must have shoes... right?!

The girls love shopping and especially love shopping at the galleria where they think riding the carousel, eating McDonald's and a cookie is a must 😊

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Sweet Summertime

I just don't know how I'm going to handle summer being over. We have had such a great summer and I don't want to see it go. I am usually not like this but I think school last year just burned me out and I have enjoyed the freedom of the break. 

Here are a few fun adventures from lately...

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

9 month pictures

Here are just a few of Henry's 9month pictures that are actually 10 month pictures 😀

I thought they turned out great and I am glad that I get to have all of them because I could not decide to which ones  I like the best.