Saturday, February 24, 2018


I knew it had been a while since I had been on here but I cannot believe that is has been since October. Its always so crazy to me how it seems like nothing big and exciting is going on but somehow we always manage to stay busy. I guess that's what happens with 3 kiddos!
Once I get my thousands of pictures somewhat sorted out I hope to post to catch up on here!!

Monday, October 23, 2017

this weekend

We had a fun and busy weekend with our little family.
Friday night the kids spent the night with Awmaw and Pawpaw. Matt and I went to eat supper and had a fun date night.

Saturday morning we went to eat then worked in the yard a little while then we went out to the farm to feed the horses and ride bikes...

The girls loved the horses as usual...

Henry was not a fan on them...

Saturday night we went to the festival down the street...
the girls love this festival...

Henry was happy sitting in his stroller and watching them

Sunday we went to church and had our cousins over to eat lunch

Last night we carved pumpkins

the girls did so good cleaning out the pumpkins and making their faces

Ellie carved hers all by herself!!

As you can tell Henry was not a fan of the pumpkins !!

Wee Center Pumpkin Patch

Annie had her pumpkin patch at her school last week.
I cannot think about the fact that its her last one at the wee center.... this makes me want to burst into tears....

The weather was perfect for a pumpkin patch!!
She has such a sweet little class. Each and every year I hate that idea that next year will be different and that they won't be together anymore. It always ends up being great the next year too so I guess its just the idea of change.

I love this sweet little girl. She makes me smile and laugh all day long!!

Monday, October 16, 2017

Made you laugh

I couldn't stop laughing at these pictures and figured you would laugh at them too 

Girls weekend + Henry

Me, Emily and Cindy plus Henry took a long weekend trip to the beach for a little getaway trip for Emily's Wedding. 

 I thought it would be a good idea to bring Henry along since he had not ever been away from me that really wasn't the greatest idea. He was pretty unhappy the entire time we were there. So this pictures are deceiving... HA! 

The weather was beautiful the first day on the beach but the second day was overcast and very windy!

We came home Monday evening and Henry was so happy to be home to see his daddy and sisters...

Friday, October 13, 2017

this and that

a few weeks ago Matt and I went on a date night!!!
we had been wanting to try out a new place downtown called Fancys on 5th....
it is only opened for supper and isn't a place that you could bring kiddos so this was the perfect time to give it a try.
there was a pretty long wait at 515 on Saturday night but it was worth it. 
the food was so good!!! we will be back for sure!

this child has no fear.
she loves doing wild daring things. 
here is one of her favorite bike tricks 

this one here just loves her bike. she got a new bike for her birthday and is loving it. 
a few weeks ago the class "pet" came home with us and they rode bikes together...alot

Miss Ellie has turned into a bookworm this year and I just love it!
she carries books around with her and reads them whenever she can.... this is such a big difference from last year.

Since the weather has been somewhat cooler we have pulled out the fire it and have been roasting marshmallows. The girls love doing this at night and I am so happy its finally cool enough to do it now.

we went to the homecoming parade a few weeks ago. this is always so fun for the girls. 
we left happy, sweaty and with a huge bag of candy.

We went to Henrys little friend Finley's first birthday party. It was Elmo theme and SO cute.
Henrys wasn't thrilled about getting a picture 

This boy LOVES the outside, if he could just live out there he would be just thrilled!!!!

Happy Friday Friends!!!

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Annie is 5

September 6th, Annie turned 5!!!!
five is such a big age to me. It is one of the hardest ones I think. Its like a big kid age. I cannot believe that thes sweet girl has grown so fast. it makes me want to just cry.  Next year she will be in kindergarten and I will miss her so much. She makes me laugh, she makes me happy, she makes me smile, and sometimes she makes me crazy but I love her little self more and more each day.

She had a a fun birthday,
she brought cupcakes to her friends at school and we celebrated that night with dinner out and cupcakes at home.

That weekend we had a swimming/ mermaid party.
She had been talking about this party for MONTHS and was beyond excited for it finally to be here!!!

She loved opening all her presents and did it so fast!!! I kept telling her to slow down but she went through them full speed!!!!