Friday, May 18, 2018

Fun at the falls

A few months back we met Betsy and Cora at the falls in Gadsden. We have driven by and seen them once but we have not ever been in the park. It was lots of fun with lots to do and we will be back. 
On our drive up there I hear a throw up sound from the back seat. I ask Annie what it was and she told me Henry had “ throwed up” come to find out from
Annie he had his whole hand in his mouth and had gagged himself. Luckily it was all over him  and nothing on his car seat... so I pull over get him a bath with wipes change his clothes and he is good as new and we are ready to go. 

It was a pretty cold day but we bundled up and went on. It seemed like we had to do this all spring because the winter would just not go away this year.

Besides seeing baby Cora, I’m pretty sure the highlight of the trip was the petting zoo ❤️ 

Now we are ready to go back with big sister 

Sunday, April 29, 2018


I still cannot believe that my baby is 8. 
It’s so strange because it seems like it was such a long time ago that she was born but I remember like to was yesterday. It just doesn’t seem like she should be eight. 
I still remember so much about the day she was born. And her being a little, tiny baby but it’s like the toddler years and the preschool years and kindergarten just flew by and now here we are. 
Sometimes I wish ( although I know wishing won’t help) that she would stay this age forever. She can be so fun and so helpful and so kind. She still has so much innocence and sweetness and I just wish she could be like that forever. 

I was looking back at old pictures and saw this one. I can still remember how sweet she smelled and how soft her sweet baby skin was. 

And now she is a big eight year old. 
And my goodness how I love this eight year old!!!

It just so happened that she had a field trip on her birthday so we got to spend the day together!!
It was a fun time to be with her and see her with her sweet school friends. We went to American village... had a picnic lunch and then had tour of the village...

That night we met her cousin at the mall to get their ears pierced. This is want she had been wanting to do forever a while now but she only wanted to do it if Rileigh was doing it to... 

They both went through with it and both looked as pretty as could be with their new pearl earrings 💗💗

Pedicures + snowflake party

Ellie has been talking about a snowflake party since her last birthday party. I have tried and tried to explain that it’s hard to have a snowflake party in April but she didn’t want to hear that. 

We took her and a few little friends to get pedicures at the kids salon in town. It was so fun and so cute!!

After pedicures we came home to eat and celebrate!!
I laughed because her “snowflake “ party actually turned into a day where it was so cold and so un-April like it really felt like it could snow!!!

We had such a fun time celebrating with out sweet 8 year old!

New Library and park time

We were all beyond excited when the library opened back up!!! It was suppose to reopen in December so it was only 3 months behind schedule 🙄 but who’s counting?!?

We have been at least once every week since it’s been open.
I love that they love going... and I’m hoping Henry will eventually learn how to act like a normal human being while we are in there too!!

Since the park and the library are right next to each other and
the weather has been somewhat cooperative we have been playing at the park.
Henry just loves it there....
I’m convinced he would stay there all day long. 

The girls also have fun but they do much better if they have each other or find a friend to play with. 

Wednesday, April 25, 2018


We had a great Easter Day celebrating with our friends at church and family.

Easter Bunny came to visit and made everybody happy!

We got dressed early enough to get a picture or two (hundred) before leaving for church

We had lots of egg hunting going on.

Everybody was a golden egg winner this year.

And we were able to play with lots of cousins!!

Monday, April 23, 2018

End of October

And now to celebrate being all caught up... here is a photo dump from the end of October 😀


I always love November. Thanksgiving is just about my favorite holiday and I love knowing that after it’s over Christmas is coming. 

We celebrated with Emily’s at her bridal tea...

Played outside ALOT!!!

Walked to and from school...

Celebrated school thanksgiving...

Celebrated family thanksgiving...

Went Black Friday shopping and bought our Christmas tree to decorate...

And kicked off the Christmas season with our first time ever visit to the polar express 💗💗💙