Wednesday, June 14, 2017

This week...

This week has been kind of different for us. Ellie has been at   camp all week she leaves at 745 and gets home at 530. 
We have felt kind of sad and lonely without her. Annie keeps saying " can we go get Ellie now??" 
We have tried to do some fun things without Ellie here to make it a fun week for Annie too. 

We have done the zoo, finished up swimming lesson, gine out to eat for lunch, gone swimming, and painted rocks. 

Last night when Ellie got back we went to eat pizza and try out a new ice cream place downtown. It was a fun summer time thing to do. 

Going out to eat has been very challenging for us since henry has been born. We will go somewhere and sit and look at each other and say " why did we do this???" I feel like it is very slowly getting better but we aren't there yet... but last night was much better than I  had envisioned but still not enjoyable yet. 

Today we had planned to get out this morning but Henry took a long nap this morning. He was very busy... as you can see in the picture from his morning excursions 🙂

We stayed around the house all day and it was so nice. I cleaned up the house then me and Annie read a big pile of books then we went swimming and then took a long afternoon nap. 

Ellie has two more days of camp left then we will get our sweet big sister back 🙂

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